Sunday, July 12, 2015


Maybe life is that I did not understand,
Today silly dancing passion lies -
Across the courtyard of mind.
The tireless efforts of people like -
Standing in complexion is absurd;
All along their boundaries.
Give the exact price of relation.
Tsonga has been forgotten bits and ties.
The past mossy ruined me -
Clean practice eyebrows present.
Sbakiyata blindly following the dissolution of the last chapter -
People expected me to dust too.
The estimated time too, having sought;
Yet, there is the debt, leads regrettably,
Fatigue brings imagination -
Nicatara ghuna poker devour;
Asangayita earlier perception of conscience.
Enjoyments of his spirit, to diversity -
Increased thirst becomes scarce available.
Under constantly changing -
Life today is too selfish, thoughtless,
To calculate the namby-sits,
The cost of the move all things.
That to me is very much needed,
Thoughtless time,
Selfless and unselfish zone innocent appearance.

Writer:- Oporajita.

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